Rescue 20

Rescue 20 is a 1997 PL Custom rescue truck on a Freightliner chassis. It is used for fire ground support activities as well as all types of rescues. Rescue 20 can carry up to 10 firefighters. This truck carries 2 full sets of the Hurst “Jaws of Life”, which are used for vehicle extrications as well as other types of rescues, As well as numerous hand tools used for rescues, and 4 “highlift” jacks, and assorted size and length ropes. It also carries numerous firefighting tools and electric lights. There is also a command post area in the back of the truck. Rescue 20 responds to all vehicle accidents with entrapment in Upper Darby Township. Rescue 20 is also first out for other type of rescue calls in our district and 4th out for fire calls. Rescue 20 was purchased and is owned by the Garrettford Drexel Hill Fire Company.
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