Drexel Hill Top 3 Fire Officers Through February 2014 
350 Total Emergencies
1. Deputy Chief Mike Morgan
2. Captain Dave Stevenson Jr. 
3.  Fire Police Captain Paul Blanford
Drexel Hill Top 10 Firefighters Through February 2014 
350 Total Emergencies
1. Chris Yashin 

2. Kevin Morgan 


3. Fran Paolone

4.  Steve Castellano Sr.  

5. Brad Penn 


6. Matt Cavalier


7. Tom Manley 


8. Dan Falkenstein


9. Troy Brown


10. Vince Procopio

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Sunday, October 19, 2014 13:00
The Drexel Hill Fire Company will be hosting it's annual Fire Prevention Open House on Sunday, October 19th, from 1-4 pm. Be sure to come out for FREE food, drinks, games, moon bounces, face painting, entertainment, and much more! The Upper Darby Police Department and Delaware County 911 Center's Mobile Command Unit will also be on hand. You will be able to meet your local volunteer firefighters, get an up-close and personal look at our equipment, and get some invaluable safety tips to help keep your home and family safe. Did we mention it's all FREE?! Mark your calendars and we hope to see you there!

Friday, October 17, 2014 22:47
At 10:47 pm Friday night, Companies 20, 74 (Primos-Secane), Squirt 36 (Cardington-Stonehurst), RIT 37 (Upper Darby), and Medic 103-7 (DCMH) were dispatched to the rear of 3998 Marshall Rd, possibly on the 200-blk of Cheswold Rd, for a house fire. As Engine 20-1 (D/C M. Morgan) went responding, they had smoke already visible in the area of the Station, and Fireboard advised that police were on location at 289 Cheswold Rd. reporting smoke showing. 20-1 arrived to a 2 story twin dwelling with heavy smoke showing from the first floor and fire showing in the basement. 20-9 (Chief Hoban) arrived and established command as 20-1 established a water supply and began stretching an 1 3/4" handline into the dwelling. Engine 20-2 (Lieut. Rapp) was next in and immediately began assisting 20-1's crew with the push into the basement. Engine crews made short work of the fire as Ladder 20's crew began searching and ventilating the floors above. The fire was placed under control in about 15 minutes and scaled back to Company 20 and Tower 74 a short time later. Crews remained on scene for over 2 hours, performing extensive overhaul and assisting Upper Darby Police Department with the investigation. Rescue 20 also made the response. 8th Dist. Fire Police assisted at the scene.

Conditions on arrival
   Conditions on arrival
Monday, October 13, 2014 15:39
At 3:39 pm on Monday, Companies 03 (Clifton Heights), 74 (Primos-Secane), 19 (Lansdowne), 44 (Springfield), and RIT 20 were dispatched to 207 S. Springfield Rd. in Clifton Heights Borough for a working house fire with possible entrapment. First-in units arrived to find a 2-story twin dwelling with the first floor fully involved and fire extending to the second floor, as well as to an exposure home. Police then reported all occupants had escaped the house by jumping from a second floor window, prior to fire department arrival. RIT/Rescue 20 (D/C M. Morgan) set up for the RIT upon arrival as all hands were in service. Just a few minutes after the Rescue's arrival, Command struck the 2nd alarm, which brought in full Company 20, along with Companies 06 (Collingdale #1), 16 (Yeadon), and RIT 43 (Holmes). Ladder 20 (A/C B. Tully) was right out the door and took the rear of the dwelling upon arrival, as the crew headed for the roof and made several cuts to provide ventilation. Engines 20-1, 20-2, and 20-3 also all made the response and were given various assignments upon arrival. The fire was placed under control around the 50 minute mark, with crews continuing to operate for several hours. Company 20 was released from the scene around 5:30 pm, about 2 hours and 51 minutes after being dispatched.

Saturday, October 11, 2014 12:41
At 12:41 pm Saturday afternoon, Companies 20, 36 (Cardington-Stonehurst), Ladder 26 (Highland Park), and Medic 103-7 (DCMH), were dispatched to 320 Windermere Ave. for an odor of gas in the dwelling. Upon arrival of 20-9 (Chief Hoban), the homeowner advised the house was now filling with smoke. 20-9 investigated and found heavy smoke in the basement of the large, 3 story single home. The assignment was the upgraded to a working house fire, adding RIT 74 (Primos-Secane). Engine 20-1 (D/C M. Morgan) arrived moments later and stretched an 1 3/4" handline through the rear door of the home and quickly knocked a fire in the basement. Engine 20-2 (A/C B. Tully) arrived and began assisting 20-1's crew, as Squirt 36 and Ladder 26 arrived and began performing searches and ventilation on the upper floors. Ladder 20 also responded and assisted first-in crews with additional ventilation and overhaul. The fire was placed under control by the first 10 minute mark and scaled back to 20-1, 20-2, and Ladder 26 a short time later. The Company was in service for about 1 hour, returning to the Station around 1:40 pm. Traffic 20 and 8th Dist. Fire Police also assisted on the scene.

Thursday, August 21, 2014 04:02
At 4:02 am Thursday morning, Companies 74 (Primos-Secane), 36 (Cardington-Stonehurst), 03 (Clifton Heights), Ladder 20, RIT 26 (Highland Park), and Medic 103-7B (DCMH) were dispatched to 751 Thorndale Rd., in the Penn Pines section of the Township, for a house fire. Engine 74-2 arrived to fire showing from the "B" side of a 2 story single home and stretched an 1 3/4" handline, as Engine 36-2 dropped a supply line then went in to back up 74-2. Ladder 20 (D/C M. Morgan) went to the basement to search for victims and check for fire, before performing truck company operations throughout the home, along with Quint 03. The fire was knocked in about 15 minutes and placed under control around the 30 minute mark. Ladder 20 remained on scene for over an hour assisting with salvage and overhaul before going available around 5:20 am.

Sunday, August 17, 2014 13:53
At 1:53 pm, Company 26 (Highland Park), Rescue 20, Engine 37 (Upper Darby), and DCMH Medics were dispatched to 501 Lansdowne Ave, in front of DCMH, for an accident with entrapment. UDPD were on scene quickly and reported a three vehicle accident with two victims trapped in two separate vehicles. Rescue 26 arrived and went in service on one vehicle as Engine 37 stretched precautionary handlines and secured hazards. Rescue 20 (D/C M. Morgan) arrived moments later and began stabilization on the other vehicle, before using the HURST hydraulic spreaders to open the driver's door and extricate him. Rescue 20 had the door open and began packaging the patient in about 5 minutes, before he was immediately wheeled into the ER at DCMH. Rescue 26 continued to work for several minutes until their victim was extricated and transported to another area hospital with serious injuries. Rescue 20 wrapped up and went available around 2:20 pm, while Company 26 stood by to finish cleaning up. Traffic 20 and the 8th Dist. fire police were on location for about 3 hours to assist with traffic as the police conducted their investigation.

Friday, July 11, 2014 15:04
At 3:04 pm Friday, Companies 36 (Cardington-Stonehurst), 37 (Upper Darby), Engine 26 (Highland Park), Ladder 20, RIT 74 (Primos-Secane) and Medic 103-7 (DCMH) were dispatched to 428 Croyden Rd. in the Stonehurst section of the township for a house fire. As units went responding, Fireboard advised of numerous calls being received. Ladder 36 arrived first and reported heavy smoke showing from the front of a 2 story row home, followed by UD-11 (D/C Schuster) who reported heavy fire from the first floor in the rear, with fire extending up over the roof line. Engine 37-1 went in service upon arrival and first-in crews reported heavy fire conditions just inside the front door. Engine 26-1 arrived and took the rear, along with Ladder 20 (D/C M. Morgan). Ladder 20's crew immediately went to the "D" exposure where the fire was found extending in through the rear wall. Due to fire rapidly spreading to adjacent homes, UD-11 requested an additional engine from Company 20, followed quickly by a full 2nd alarm. The 2nd alarm brought in Mongomery County Ladder 21 (Penn Wynne) and RIT 19 (Lansdowne). Crews worked vigorously to open walls and ceilings but continued to find fire spreading. The fire then began to extend to additional homes along the roof line, prompting a full 3rd alarm, which brought in Companies 04 (Darby #1) and 03 (Clifton Heights), along with RIT 09 (Sharon Hill). Due to the high temperatures outside, Montgomery County Rehab 313 (Narberth) was special called to the scene. The stubborn blaze was finally brought under control after about one hour and crews began extensive overhaul. Engines 20-2 and 20-3 also made the response and all of Company 20 was back in the station around 6 pm.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 13:09
At 1:09 pm Wednesday, Companies 53 (Broomall), 41 (Newtown Square), 56 (Manoa), 35 (Brookline), and RIT 20 were dispatched to 200 Gamma Dr. at the old Gamma Swim Club property, for a building fire. 53 command arrived and reported a building storing pool chemicals fully involved in fire. Several engines laid thousands of feet of supply lines into the property, which was located a distance down a private driveway. Companies then led off with their heaviest water lines and several aerial master streams were placed in service to battle the fire. RIT/Rescue 20 (D/C M. Morgan) arrived and set up in front of the building. Crews worked for several hours in extreme temperatures to bring the fire under control. Rescue 20 returned to Drexel Hill around 4 pm. Pipeline 58 (Bon Air) was special called to the scene, as well as additional rehab units.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 23:36
At 11:36 pm Wednesday night, during a strong thunderstorm, Companies 56 (Manoa), 35 (Brookline), 34 (Llanerch), RIT 20, and Medic 108 (Haverford EMS), were dispatched to 417 Upland Rd, for a house fire. Haverford PD responding to a burglar alarm at the residence arrived to report the house had been hit by lightning and there was now smoke coming from it. A/C 56-9C arrived first reporting heavy smoke showing from a 2 story single home and fire in the garage. Squad 56 laid in and went in service with an 1 3/4" handline to the garage. Rescue 20 (A/C B. Tully) arrived, performed a size-up, and set up for RIT. The crew stood-by as the fire was knocked in the garage and crews opened up in a 2nd floor bedroom to check for extension, which was negative. The fire was placed under control in about 15 minutes and Rescue 20 was released a short time later. The boys were back in the station to dry out by 12:30 am.

Thursday, May 29, 2014 07:57
Just minutes before 8 am, Thursday, Companies 20, 74 (Primos-Secane), RIT 37 (Upper Darby), Engine 36 (Cardington-Stonehurst), and Medic 103-7 (DCMH) were dispatched to 4034 Ellendale Rd. for a house fire. As Engine 20-1 (Lieut. Rapp) was rolling out of the station, smoke was visible from the area of the fire, several blocks away. 20-1 then dropped a supply line from a hydrant on the way into the scene and arrived to find heavy smoke from all floors and heavy fire blowing out the first floor rear, extending up to the second floor and roof. The crew stretched an 1 3/4" handline for an aggressive interior attack and found a fully involved kitchen fire extending into the dining room. Engine 20-2's (Capt. Donohue) crew took a second 1 3/4" to the second floor, where they encountered heavy fire in the rear bedroom, as well as the cockloft above. Engine 36-2's crew began ventilation as Tower 74's crew began searching for victims on the second floor. UD-11 (D/C Johnston) requested an additional RIT from Company 19 (Lansdowne), before requesting a full 2nd alarm assignment moments later, due to heavy smoke now showing from the attached exposure home. The 2nd alarm then brought in Companies 03 (Clifton Heights), 34 (Llanerch), and Rescue 58 (Bon Air). Crews battled by pulling walls and ceilings to gain access to the fast moving fire and bring it under control in about 45 minutes. Although there was heavy smoke in the attached home, firefighters did an outstanding job of containing the fire to the original home. Company 20 remained on scene for extensive overhaul and was available around 10:30 am. 20-9A (D/C M. Morgan) had interior command. Thanks to Engine 09 (Sharon Hill) and Tower 44 (Springfield) for covering Station 20 and helping to get us back in service quickly. The 8th Dist. Fire Police also responded. FOR AUDIO OF THIS FIRE, CLICK THE LINK BELOW.

AUDIO - 4034 Ellendale Rd. (Courtesy of John Colden via
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